Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Moving On Theory


Been months since I wrote, I believe. Hehe.. And of course I have seen a lot more than before.. :)
I was in like (and maybe a bit a lot of like), I got older, I was (and I still am, even more) happy, met cool people, saw some new stuffs, learn cool new things.. My life is as perfect as always. Had turbulent as normal, cried as you may expected, laughed harder than you could imagine..

My life is Awesome!
So I have encountered manymanymanymany things (Anyone noticed, please, I hold the patent and I invented this phrase) happening these times. One of my close friends, and I, apparently.. Might be experiencing something somewhat alike about disappointment. Maybe her case was bigger than mine, but I would say, that it's just the way you see and handle it that makes it big, enormous, small, or even just unnoticeable notch.
Until now, when this post is published, she's at her tries (sorry pal, can't say this is your best shot.. You could've been a lot better than this) to get over it. I can't say that I am totally over mine yet, but I clearly am on the way to. :)

We don't need to talk about the problems ;)
We certainly need solutions instead of problems ^^

So, this is what I think, and what I decided to do:

I of course plan to move forward.
There are just some shots of painful moments I have as usual,
but this time I will not fight it.
I'll let it come.
I'll face it.
It's an absolute consequence when I invited the "trouble" to come, I will bleed..
But I will just swallow it.

I'd say that.. I will not run from the cures.
Having to take the pills is just never fun. Pills are bitter. And sometimes you feel them stuck in your throat even if they're not.. Shortly, they are just BAD.

But maybe that's just how it may work.
My digestive system will digest it. Digest the pain..
Retain what's needed for me to learn that will lead to a better me.
And finally it will release the unneeded substances out in whatever shapes..

When it's out as poo poo, we will flush it.. 
When it's out as sweat, we will wipe it..

All the pain will just be gone :)
And what's left will be just the best things we need, to keep going.
The substances our body took for us to make us a better person.
And I think.. that's just how I'd say about my moving on theory..

Goodbye yesterday.. Thanks for everything.. ;)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

e-Ndonesia Raya

Bukan saya bermaksud buat menghina negara, saya juga tidak pernah berniat untuk merusak nama indah negara kita. Tapi, kira-kira, sadar tidak ya, bahwa selama ini kita jarang sekali menyebut tanah air tercinta dengan Indonesia, tapi lebih ke Endonesia...

Saya suka sekali membenarkan itu dan membuat orang yang saya betulkan cara bacanya itu menggondok. So what? Memang salah... Mau bagaimana lagi?
Saya tidak menyalahkan lidah siapapun itu, saya juga ogah menilai, maupun menjadi juri (bahasa slang-nya adalah: nge-judge, dan saya nggak bisa nemu bahasa yang bagus buat itu)dalam urusan kesalahan menyuarakan bahasa Indonesia yang kebetulan agak morat-marit.

Oh iya...
Saya kok jadi kepengen ingin kasih "challenge".
Karena kita terbiasa dengan "Endonesia" dibanding "Indonesia", gimana kalau kita mencoba, mulai hari ini, saat ini, buat menyanyikan lagu kebangsaan kita dengan benar?

Cuma ganti huruf...
Tapi susah lho... ^^


Did you ever wonder of who or what the hell you are?
I did.

For so many times, I end up daydreaming about what I will do next. I keep thinking and thinking. And sometimes, it doesn't really seem to be a way out. Still I'm scared of tomorrow, and in the same time, get too much excited about the surprises.

I'm complicated.

No one really understands what I want, what I've been dreaming of, or just sometimes, get what I really mean. This is absurdly strange, since I'm just a human being, just like the others, but why can't I just perfectly connect to others? Maybe it's me that don’t let anyone go through my territory by keep confusing people, or is it simply just because they don't want to, and they don't care?

For now, I’d rather not to complain.
I'm pretty much happy with what I am having. :)

People are just people. They do whatever they think right, and avoid things that they think strange. Well, some would love to get closer, bust mostly will simply avoid it, than to get into trouble because of coming closer to something strange, something different than they are.

It's not their fault... :)

It just naturally happens, and no one could complain.

What I'm trying to tell you all is that... I've heard so much about this phrase:

Honesty is The Best Policy

It's a really nice, simple, but deep wisdom. We've been taught to be honest. All of our lives, we've heard too much of don't lies, be honest, and many other different words and expressions with one aim:


But what about white lies?
Hmmm.. ^^

In Love, Lost, Life, and Lust (Part 2)

There are times when I was in like or love without a slight glance of braveness to just spoil it out. I even considered it amazing how I endured it and watched whoever they were to be happy on their own merry way.

Some songs and movies may will just tell us to go for it. But who wants to face that humiliating moment when it's just a projection of a-one-way feeling?
Some will only say, love is nothing unless you tell the person what you are feeling. But isn't love about "voluntary giving"?

Relationship is mainly about take and give as it involves two people gathered in alike or similar feelings that they care of each other and more. But what is this love?

There's a quote:

Love is a single soul dwells in two bodies

Can't really recall whose quote it was, but.. I still don't get it.

There's also another quote:
Love is a situation of when somebody else's happiness is important to our own

Can't recall who made out this quote as well, but I can say that I agree with this one.

Let's say that I am half lost at this moment. I am mainly fine with a slight touch of gloom. Something may have been incomplete, but it is not left unfilled. I am practically standing in a crossroad, not coming from one of the roads crossing. Don't know where the ways may lead.

In my lost, I'll just live at this moment. That's the only thing clear.

Quote of The Day...

A woman who cannot be ugly is not beautiful

~Karl Kraus

In Love, Lost, Life, and Lust

So I was in love. I was in love with a man, with life, with myself, with the moments, and also with the future that was promised to be bright and well.

Crazy how everything trembled down in a second. All what built was destroyed in a blink of an eye, and every single thing turned upside-down, inside-out, leaving me breathing nervously with a heart that beat uncontrolled in vain.

In short, I lost everything I had.

What I find happened next was me leaving my hometown in a broken heart, moving to another town to study with no certain goal I normally set before I start something. Could not expect anything to happen but to do the homework, get busy, and move on.

Homework? Check.
Busy? Double Check.
Friends? Triple Check.
Fun? 10-Times Check.
But what if I did not move at all?
Truth is, I did not move on. Maybe I didn't want to, or maybe I'd rather keep the hurts than feel nothing.


Kept on going back and forth, seeing nothing and being numb. I was awesome. Hahaha.
But if I look at the calendar now, I think I'm doing just okay.
I'm happy enough. Busy enough, loved enough.. ^^

I don't miss him..

Could I probably move on yet?


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

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